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Facebook Social Media Marketing


Grow your marketing efforts with the leading social media platform.

Produce Results offers professional services for Facebook Social Media Marketing. Your social media presence is an extension of your brand. It allows your voice and personality to shine through while enabling connection and engagement with your core audience. Don’t know what to say or how often to say it? Leave that to us. We’ll help grow your target demographic, enhance SEO, increase brand awareness and engage your fan base with a unique voice.


Dramatically increase your number of followers!

For Facebook Marketing, we use a tried-and-true method of communicating with your audience and helping businesses exponentially increase their number of followers.

Everybody is on Facebook. This groundbreaking social platform has revolutionized the way in which we connect with one another. Gone are the days when it was viewed to be the latest social craze members of Generation Y used to post photos and status updates about their Spring Break trips to Panama City.

This social platform shows no sign of loosening its grip on the world, so it’s important for your business to harness its power and connect with current and future customers.


Facebook Advertising

Communicating to the right people

What’s great about running advertisements on Facebook is the fact that it offers highly tailored methods that ensure you communicate your messages to the right people.

Using the information people provide (e.g., location, interests, pages liked, games played, etc.), Facebook delivers your ad to people in your targeted location whose interests line up with your products and services. Facebook ads are powerful tools, and we’ll be sure to take care of all the behind-the-scenes technicalities so you don’t have to.


SEO Benefits

Improved ranking

A high level of activity from social media outlets is crucial factor when it comes to improving off-site search engine optimization. It tells search engines like Google that you are a major player in your specific area of expertise. How so, you ask?

Facebook “likes” and “shares” are signals to search engines. These actions tell search engines that of people like what you have to say. If enough people “like” what you’re saying, Google will place increased value to your site and improve your ranking. Allow Produce Results to help you improve your ranking!

Facebook Marketing Questions? We’re here to help you out!

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The Future of Facebook Cause Marketing

In 2013, over $1.78 Billion was spent on Cause Sponsorship according to an IEG Sponsorship Report, and it is trending upward of 7% each year. This is because the market demands it – in fact, AdAge reports that 83% of  consumers want you to support causes.

The landscape of commerce is changing, and the public is expecting corporate responsibility as the new standard. If you don’t jump on board now, you’ll be chasing your competitors in the very near future. We find that most businesses are donating to charitable causes anyway, so we have created an opportunity to harness your charity into an immensely powerful tool.

Cause Marketing is the best publicity around.

Cause Marketing campaigns are memorable! The community will thank you for your benevolence, and remember it for years to come.


At Produce Results, we’ve developed a way to truly harness the power of Facebook to enable you to exponentially increase your number of followers and have a wider audience hear your messages.


It’s easy to post on Facebook, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the right things to say. At Produce Results, we’re full of fresh ideas that will help you truly engage with your core audience.


Regardless of if your goals are to grow your Facebook audience or cultivate a library of engaging content on your page, the Produce Results team is well versed in delivering whatever you need.


From designing cover photos and tabs to implementing our LikeBoost application, our Facebook services are designed to do just what our name says – produce results.

Facebook Marketing Testimonial


“Produce Results has played an integral role in developing my clinics’ brands and social voices. Their team has not only helped create a unique, cohesive look and feel to my clinics’ branding materials, but has also exponentially expanded our social media presence and pull. They have designed and launched several Facebook contests for each of my clinics that have rallied community support for veterinary causes AND increased my clinics’ number of Facebook followers tremendously.”

Case Study: Dickies Clothing

Built to Work

Dickies hired us to help them generate social buzz through their support for the Military and the American workforce. With contests such as “American Hero of the Year” and the “Built to Work Contest” featuring MLB pitcher R.A. Dickey, we were able to help them engage and grow their audience. We have created many custom-designed and developed contests and programs for them, which has helped them grow from less than 250,000 to almost one million Facebook “likes” today!


Dickies social Media Marketing Built to Work Campaign