We want to partner with brands with a great story and run like a family.

You don’t need another seller selling product on the marketplace. Instead, you only need the RIGHT seller who sells your brand and builds it alongside with you. We live and breathe by the philosophy of Tri-Win: You win, We win, and the marketplace wins so that no matter how the Marketplace changes, your brand still thrives.

Hybrid Business Model

The hybrid business model enables us to serve you in many ways so no matter how the Marketplace and Shopify evolve, your brand adapts and we grow with you in every direction.

We Pay You

We buy inventory directly from you and sell your products. ProduceResults becomes the brand’s exclusive authorized third party re-seller for the Marketplace and Shopify channels.  Unlike other re-sellers who want to get a free ride on your growth, we re-invest the profit that we make from selling your product to providing value-added services to grow your brand and your presence on the Marketplace. 

You Pay Us

We become your marketing agency to advise and help you grow in the complex Marketplace and Shopify while you are focusing your effort to build great products.


Seller ID

Worried about un-authorized resellers? We help you research, identify, and terminate un-authorized resellers of your brand to help you take control of your brand back.


Concerned about the logistics process? We take care of the entire process when Vendor Central and 3rd party logistics is complicated and can be a challenge if you aren’t set up for it.

Industry Research

We help you research and sip through the massive amount of accessible data to help brands with product development and category creation.

Optimize Listing

How to stand out in the sea of products on the Marketplace and Shopify? We help you stand out and connect with the right buyers via our full service listing management: Image recommendations, written content, Enhanced and A Plus content creation and more.

E-Commerce Ecosystem

The Marketplace and Shopify are not just a set it and forget it platform. There are hundreds of things that need to be done hourly, daily, weekly.


If you are not first, you are last! We help you command the attention of buyers using integrated channels combing online and offline to maximize conversion and brand awareness.

Brand Management

People know your brand by buying products but stay with you because of who you are! We help you craft a unique story for your brand and amplify the story on a massive scale to increase your brand influence and ultimately sales.

Pricing Monitoring

You spend time designing the right pricing and promotion and we monitor and track pricing to ensure all sellers are complying with your rules.

Review Management

Reviews matter more than ever before! We help you keep your store rating high by regularly engaging and communicating with your customer reviews.


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