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Advertising Campaign Development, Design and Audience Targeting


Think of us as your personal Advertising Campaign brand cultivator.

Do you need help letting people know how your brand’s offerings differ from the competition? Have you recently unveiled a new product or service and need to let your audience know through an advertising campaign? Great! You’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to broadcasting your message, our team of designers and writers know how to communicate with your audience. We’ll provide the headlines, taglines, ad design, media buying and implementation that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Advertising Campaign Development

A look into our approach

For your advertising campaign to produce the most juice for your squeeze, you need a team of brand cultivators who have experience in the field.

We’ve launched many successful advertising campaigns utilizing tools of the trade in both traditional and nontraditional media. To ensure fruitful success, we take the time to carry out research and meet with the client with an extensive creative brief in hand and use the information to create a unique cultivation plan that maps out when, where and how to plant the seeds that will grow your brand.


Ad Design

A comprehensive approach

For people in your target audience to hear your advertising messages, your ads must stick out. Average and run-of-the-mill ads will never bear any fruit, especially in today’s noisy ad-mosphere. Fortunately, a fresh approach to ad design and implementation is our team’s hallmark.

Produce Results’s approach to ad design is nothing short of comprehensive. Our commitment to creativity, attention to detail and knack for effective copywriting have enabled us to create successful ads for across every medium in the marketplace today.


Know Your Audience

We can reach them.

Successfully broadcasting your advertising campaign’s message to the right audience can be tricky, and you cannot entrust just anyone with such an important task. You have to know how your target audience thinks, how they speak, what they value, which media they use and a host of other information.

At Produce Results, we have successfully advertised to adults aged 18 and over who belong to various demographic and psychographic groups. Changes are, we’ve advertised to people in your target audience more than once.

Advertising Campaign Questions? We’re here to help you out!

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We take pride in the high standard of recruitment that we have used to assemble our creative team.


A fresh approach is our hallmark. Learning from the best in history, we move forward to blaze our own trail.


Our extensive creative brief process is tailored with the most precise questions from years of experience.


When it comes time to implement, we execute with precision so that the final ad products are pixel-perfect and precise.

Ad Design Case Study: Sunset Anytime

When Sunset of Houston, Texas asked us to launch an awareness advertising campaign when they switched to a 24/7 business model. We designed a cross-channel campaign that involved outdoor billboards on the highway, a micro-site, giveaway items, direct mail, social media, radio, TV and online ads in order to drive home the message.

The results of the campaign was an overwhelming 500% increase in new clients that quarter, and the clinic has been profitable since day 1 of making the switch.

Ad Campaign for Vet Animal Hospital Veterinary